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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Obama Birthday Today

It's President Obama's birthday today, August 4, 2010. The first black President of the United States turns 49 today and I wonder what the creators of the Obama Deception has in store? Tsk.. Anyhoo, looks like the President will be celebrating his birthday sans the First Lady Michelle Obama who has gone to spain with daughter Sasha, while the other first daughter, Malia is in summer camp.

I don't know what the deal is, but I think that's just wrong. Sure President Obama can still celebrate his birthday with close friends and relatives but nothing beats having your wife and daughters around you as you reminisce about the year that's gone by.

Oh well, I guess the President is not the melodramatic type.

Obama Birthday: Barack Obama Turns 49 With Wife And Kids Out Of Town
WASHINGTON — Home alone, President Barack Obama turned 49 on Wednesday. First lady Michelle Obama has taken their youngest daughter, Sasha, to Spain.
Publish Date: 08/04/2010 16:36

Barack Obama BIRTHDAY 4th AUGUST
NEWS ALERT Barack Obama BIRTHDAY 4th AUGUST The family man

US President Barack Obama's birthday today
US President Barack Obama's birthday today

Jersey Shore | Where Is Jersey Shore?

Nicknames of several New Jersey communities ce...Image via Wikipedia
Where exactly is Jersey Shore?

Geographically, the term encompasses about 131 miles of the New Jersey coastal area from Sandy Hook in the north to Cape May in the south. The Jersey Shore area includes the easternmost portions of Monmouth, Atlantic, Cape May and Ocean counties. According to Ocean County tourism director Barbara Steele.

There are also areas that get both New York and Philadelphia tourists. While there is no defined border between North and South, the Manasquan River or Interstate 195 are often mentioned.[2] However, since New York City and Philadelphia are just 90 miles apart, there is a lot of overlap between where each metropolitan area's residents go for beach tourism. Long Beach Island's visitors come from both New York and Philadelphia.

It is a popular vacation spot for Pennsylvanians, so much so that during the 1994 Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, the Tom Ridge campaign used aerial advertising along the Jersey Shore. - wikipedia geographic location

About Jersey Shore Reality TV series

Jersey Shore is a reality television series on MTV that follows eight housemates spending their summer on the Jersey Shore. The first season was filmed in August 2009 in a summer share in Seaside Heights but was also filmed in other towns such as Toms River, Neptune and Atlantic City, New Jersey. The show debuted amid large amounts of controversy regarding the use of the words "Guido/Guidette", portrayals of Italian-American stereotypes and scrutiny from locals because the cast members were not residents of the area. - wikipedia

Jersey Shore cast in Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately: "Jersey Shore" Cast
The Situation, Snooki and Pauly D. ditch the Garden State for Hollywood! Get the "GTL" lowdown and hear about their LiLo encounter.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Roberto Martinez | Who Is Roberto Martinez?

Who is Roberto Martinez? Aside from the fact that Ali Fedotowski picked Roberto Martinez to be her partner in the finale of Bachelorette, little is known about this guy from Tampa Florida so I snooped around and got this data from the cool folks at bachelorettefans.com

Roberto Martinez
Age: 26
Occupation: Insurance agent
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Resides in: Charleston, South Carolina
What he likes to do for fun: Hang at the beach with a boat, guitar, dominos, and good people
What is his worst date: Double date in high school where his date cried because she spilled ketchup
His favorite book: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
What he considers his greatest achievement to date: Becoming the youngest state Farm Agent in the U.S.
Tattoo Count: 0
A little more: Roberto played Division II ball for the University of Tampa in 2002 and 2003. He was a pitcher... and not a very good one. (If this means anything to you, he had a 7.20 ERA.)

Roberto is a cool doude and I must admit I have a little man-crush on him. No wonder Lady Gaga mentioned him in her latest hit-- Alejandro. lol.

See Roberto Martinez in Youtube below:

Ali Fedotowsky & Roberto Martinez's Daredevil Date
Ali Fedotowsky & Roberto Martinez's Daredevil Date The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 3 June 7, 2010 Roberto and Ali have to walk across two skyscrapers in order to get to their romantic dinner destination. Will both Ali and Roberto conquer their fear...

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Ali Fedotowski | Who Is Ali Fedotowski

Ali Fedotowski is the sixth Bachelorette premeired in May 2010. There were speculations as usual on who she would pick, with this season's bachelorette finally picking-- Roberto Martinez. The two are now engaged. Now pundits are questioning whether the two would be singing Rick Astley's together forever and never to part. Only time will tell..

Who is Roberto Martinez?

'The Bachelorette' Finale: Ali Picks 'The One'! at The Insider
Tonight, Ali Fedotowski made her big decision! Two very different eligible bachelors were vying for the heart of "The Bachelorette": Roberto, a 26-year-old insurance agent from Charleston, SC, and Chris L., a 33-year-old landscaper from ...
Publish Date: 08/03/2010 10:03

Solodaddy » 'The Bachelorette' Finale: Ali Picks 'The One'!
Be my wife, Ali Fedotowski,” said Roberto. “Will you marry me?” “I love you so much, I really do,” said Ali, ready to begin the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. She then asked him in Spanish if he would accept the final rose ...
Publish Date: 08/03/2010 10:03

The Bachelorette season 6 episode 12 part
After the Final Rose Summary "Bachelorette" Ali Fedotowski reviews her season, focusing on her Chris L.-Roberto decision in the finale in Bora Bora and her reaction to Frank's rejection of her in the Final 3 episode in Tah...

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