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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Natasha Watley | Jennie Finch Shine In All Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game

BEIJING - AUGUST 20:  Natasha Watley #29 of th...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

USA Olympians Natasha Watley and Jennie Finch were fan favorites in the All Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game held at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim California last Sunday. The duo were relaxed and confident in their games with Jennie Finch showing her fast pitches and Natasha Watley with her hard hits.

Jennie Finch:Jennie Finch and Natasha Watley Olympians shine in ...

Natasha Watley, 5'10 “USA Softball Short snagged a couple of hard balls hit to third base easily athleticism. It was all for fun and charity, but it should be noted that both Whatley and Finch represented himself and athletics women ...

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