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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who Is Ayla Brown?

Who is Ayla Brown? Ayla Brown is one of the daughters of Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown who lashed out at comedian Kathy Griffin for calling his daughters 'prostitutes' in her reality show 'Kathy Griffin, My Life on the D-list'. The other daughter is Arianna Brown.

Ayla Brown is more of a public figure of the two daughters as she was an American Idol contestant (season 5), an NCAA Basketball Player, a recording artist, and now a contributor for CBS' "The Early Show".

[Photo] Ayla Brown performs the National Anthem during Music City July 4th Weekend. 

Scott Brown: Kathy Griffin Should Be 'Ashamed' For Calling My ...
I'm glad Kathy Griffin said something about his daughters, especially Ayla Brown who now has a job on The Early Show, for having the right father. He got her out there in the public -- a grown working woman, so it was going to come ...
Publish Date: 07/16/2010 23:32

Scott Brown Slams Kathy Griffin for Calling Daughters 'Prostitutes ...
Kathy Griffin аnd Bravo ought tο bе ashamed οf themselves.” At thе еnd οf thе clip, Griffin runs a disclaimer “frοm Bravo's officially authorized team,” saying thе girls аrе nοt, іn fact, “prostitutes.” Ayla Brown іѕ a former NCAA ...
Publish Date: 07/17/2010 9:16

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