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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kate Mara See Through Shot

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Kate Mara was getting a lot of press a couple of months ago for one see through shot in the films The Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. Kate as the widow Sarah Fenn in that movie wore an outfit that showed her mammary glands. lol.

Now Kate Mara is filming a new movie with Bruce Willis in Catch .44. The movie is about three women who find themselves in a pickle with a crazy hitman played by Forrest Whitaker. Bruce Willis plays as the mastermind and crime boss in the movie.
October 2016 CPA Board Exams Results
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Kate Mara Sexy
Bob Lee ( Mark Walhberg) meet Sarah Fenn(Kate Mara), his patner's wife to ask a help. Kate Mara wearing a sexy t-shirt in that time that exposing her breast so she shy and try to covering her t-shirt with a cape.

Kate Mara Shooter Interview
Kate Mara being interviewed on her character Sarah Fenn in "Shooter"

Kate Mara See Through
Kate Mara is making headlines for one particular See Through shot. Computer analyst Shari Rothenberg of Fox's 24 series 27 years of age stunning beauty Kate.
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