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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mel Gibson | OMG Mel Gibson is Dead?!

I just read the article and I can't believe that Mel Gibson is dead, nor the thousands who believe the rumor and flock to the internet to confirm if Mel Gibson really is dead. Wake up people. Mel Gibson is alive and kicking, and is about to kick the US dust off his boots as he's thinking of moving back to his native homeland in Australia. Mel Gibson was rumored to have sold his mansion for a big cut off the original price in preparation for his relocation.

Still news of celebrity's death whether true or otherwise makes for good copy so before you blab to your friends that so-and-so is dead, like Mel Gibson, make sure you check the sources first and not take flight after reading a blog title like mine. lol.

'Mel Gibson Dead'…what?
Mel Gibson Dead' has been circulating like a wildfire on all the search engines of the world. 'Mel Gibson is Dead' will not exist long on the trends today and it will soon vanish from the keywords'
Publish Date: 07/19/2010 17:12
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